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Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate

Almighty Technical Solutions offers Class 2 Digital Signature (DSC) to individuals and organizations DSC for both Indian worldwide applicant. Class 2 Digital Signature is the minimum standard DSC required for e-filing on the MCA21 portal and for applying for DIN (Director Identification Number) for all company directors.

Class 2 DSC is basically used for LLP, TDS Certificates, VAT Returns & PF Claims, Income Tax Returns e-filing, MCA 21 & ROC, It is used in various form-filling, online registration, email attestation, income tax filing and etc. More uses of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates are given below.

Class 2 Digital Signature – Individual:

Class 2 Digital signature certificates are delivered to Individual for different functions. class 2 digital signatures for individuals is individual certificate that gives second highest level of assurance among the RCAI order setup by Registered Certifying Authorities in India that is especially used for Registrar of firms e-filing, TDS Return e-filing, VAT Return, Tax Filling, sign a word or PDF file, sign e-mail sent through Outlook, Bank Auction and many more.

Class 2 Digital Signature – Organization:

Class 2 Digital signature certificates for are delivered to Organization for different functions. Class 2 digital signatures for organization is particular certificate that gives maximum level of guarantee among the RCAI order setup by Registered Certifying Authority in India that is especially used for e tender filing, E Bidding, Bank Auction and E-Procurance

Needs Of Class 2 DSC Certificates

• Digital Signature for Form 16A signing and Traces

• For New GST Registration

• For e-Filing of Income Tax Return

• For e-Filing of Sales Tax/VAT Tax Return

• For e-Filing of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA 21)

• For e-Filing of Registrar of Companies (RoC)

• For e-Filing of Provident Fund(PF)

• For Fresh DGFT IEC Apply / Registration

• LLP Formation

• digital signature for Income Tax eFiling.

• digital signature applying for DIN from (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

• Private Limited Company Formation