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Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) after thorough verification of the applicant’s identity and therefore provides higher level of guarantee to the relying party (usually the receiver of such digitally signed document).This certificate will be allotted to individuals and organizations as well. Any Company or Organization looking for any eTender needs to procure a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate allotted to an authorized person on behalf of Orgnization or Company who is accountable to submit online proposals through e-Tendering portal To join in the e-tendering process, every vendor is mandatory to use a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. Class 3 Digital Signatures are delivered to individuals, organizations. It’s applicable for personal and commercial use. Usually, It is used for Electronic Data Exchange, internet banking/broking-tendering and other web-based transactions where privacy and legitimacy is risky.

What is use of Class 3 Digital Signature?

Class 3 digital signature is an electronic form of a signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, and also ensure that the original content of the message or document that has been sent is unchanged.

Type of Certificate in Class 3 DSC

Class 3 Digital Signature basically divided according to requirement of various e-Governance platforms. Class 3 DSC comes in "Signing" and "Encryption" Certificates. User can elect Signing only Certificate or Signing+ Encryption (Combo) Certificate based on their need. Signing Certificates mostly used to Map with Users Login, Signing of Documents on Different e-Tendering Platforms, whereas Encryption Certificate is mainly used to secure the confidential documents. A User can get both Certificates but cannot acquire ONLY Encryption Certificate without Signing Certificate.

Class 3 Digital Signature issued to Individuals and Organizations

Individual (Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates): Class 3 Individual certificates issued to individuals or devices and contain primarily high end security-sensitive online activity.

Organization (Class 3 Digital Signature certificates): Class 3 Organization certificates those are used for signing, encryption, electronic access control, e-commerce, and online financial transactions that involve a strong assertion of the customer's identity. The authentication procedures for Class 3 Organization certificates includes confirmation that the Organization does in fact occur, authorization from the Organization for the certificate user.

Video Recording Process:

All type of Digital Signature Certificate applications have mandatory Video Verification. Once the application is approved by RA / RAA login, an email is sent to applicant (CC to RA/RAA) with a link to complete Video Recording. The applicant can click the link, record the video and submit to Certifying Authority. Once Video is Recorded, Certifying Authority will verify This Along with Physical Documents.